ESKA est. 1918

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About ESKA

Important Dates

The founder of the watch brand ESKA, Mr Silvan Kocher senior, was born in 1867. His family originated from the village of Selzach, in the German part of Switzerland. In earlier centuries the Kocher family members worked in farming, as fishermen and also as landlords.


In March 1918 right after World War I had ended, Silvan Kocher senior and his eldest son Erwin founded the watch factory "S. Kocher & Co." The name ESKA is a phonetic abbreviation of its founder Silvan Kocher ("S"ilvan "K"ocher) -> "ES" & "KA".


Two affiliated companies were opened by the sons of Silvan Kocher. One company was opened by Edgar Kocher in Sao Paolo, Brazil; the other one by Walter Kocher in New York, USA. Both in North and in South America "S. Kocher & Co." was in a dominant position and ESKA watches were very famous and sought after.


The company was looking for more space due to its success. In 1937, Silvan Kocher moved his company from Selzach to Grenchen where he set up a new factory.


At that time, S. Kocher & Co. employed more than 100 watchmakers. The company managed well during the World War II and they celebrated their 25th anniversary. 

1940 - 1950

A few years after the celebration, in 1947, Silvan senior died. Thereafter, his four sons continued the company: Erwin, Silvan junior, Walter and Edgar. Erwin and Silvan junior took over the company in Switzerland. Their brother Walter looked after the business in the US and was located at the Rockefeller Center in New York. The youngest brother Edgar managed the company in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with various branches such as in Rio de Janeiro.

1960 – 1970

The USA and Brazil business expanded. During the 1960s until the 1970s the company further developed the markets especially in the USA, in Central America and South America. New key regions for ESKA watch brand included also Asia and Australia.

Silvan Kocher junior was very active not only in his family business but also in watchmaking associations. For many years he presided the association of Swiss-German watch manufacturers (Fédération Horlogère FH, membre du comitée). Silvain Kocher junior died in 1968.

1980 - 1987

Later on, the company diversified its business: apart from the original roots in watchmaking it was active in different markets. Finally, in 1987 the company stopped its business activities.

2019 -

100 years after its foundation, ESKA is again available with new and exciting watch models. A success story marks a new chapter in the history of this unique watch brand.